Weekly Sketch – Alhambra Parabolic Fountains – 05/07/2015

Quick sketch in pencil and pen of one of the Alhambra’s wonderful parabolic fountains in a courtyard garden.



(© Catherine Cronin)

Alhambra Arches Linocut final edition

I have editioned my ‘Alhambra Arches’ linocut in three different colourways, five prints for each colour making a variable limited edition of 15.

Image size approx 20.5 x 25.5 cm
Paper size 24.5 x 31 cm

Now available to buy in my Etsy shop.




(© Catherine Cronin)

SWA 154th Annual Exhibition 5-13th June

I am super excited to find out that one of my prints has been selected for exhibition at this years The Society of Women Artists annual exhibition in June at the Mall Galleries, London.


My selected print is a monoprint with hand inking ‘Alhambra Arches’ – below:


Digital Photo of Print



Alhambra Arches Monotype & Ink Hand Colouring

Close Up Scan



(© Catherine Cronin)


Proofing Alhambra Arches 4 – Multi-block Linocut

I have been proofing my three block linocut ‘Alhambra Arches’. Here are some progress pictures of the third colour combination.





(© Catherine Cronin)

Weekly Sketch – Wall Gate at Alcazaba of Málaga Part 2 – 20/03/2015

Last week my weekly sketch was a view of a wall gate at the Alcazaba of Málaga in pen. Pen is my favourite medium to draw in; and one I am most comfortable with; but I like to challenge myself because I can find out new ways of portraying things. So I have redrawn the image last week again in pen but leaving a lot of white space; and then in coloured pencil and watercolour. As you can see they are not the most impressive of images! but within them there are colours, textures and forms I like, that could all be drawn together within print form. I have included the sketch from last week too so you can see the process of making.




(© Catherine Cronin)

Weekly Sketch – Wall Gate at Alcazaba of Málaga – 15/03/2015

Last year I visited the wonderful Alcazaba of Málaga; ‘alcazaba’ meaning fortress or citadel. It is a marvellous place to visit, impressive architectural forms around every corner, and beautiful views framed by graceful arches. It is the best preserved citadel of its kind in Spain, built in the early 11th century. Here is a line drawing study of a gate in one of the walls.


(© Catherine Cronin)