Weekly Sketch – Balcony Poppies – 02/10/2013

I grew poppies on my balcony earlier this year, I just love the seed head rattles. I have been sketching in preparation for a linocut; the below drawing explores what colours I might use, probably in a multi-plate print. Drawing in graphite pencil, watercolour pencil and black ink.


(© Catherine Cronin)

Weekly Sketch – Balcony Poppies – 15/07/2013

I have been growing poppies on my balcony; I just love the way the seed head develops, such fun little rattles. I have had it in mind for a while to make a reduction, perhaps multi-plate linocut of poppies; describing their shape and movement, from flower to seed. Here are some ink sketches, just trying to formalise the shapes in a graphic way that will lend itself well to lino cutting.




(© Catherine Cronin)

Weekly Sketch – Black Hills – 23/06/2013

I haven’t done a weekly sketch in a while; I was busy concentrating on preparation for a photo-etch course I did, which you can read about here.

Here is a minimalist landscape image; wax and ink on Fabriano paper. I was responding to the interaction between the wax and black ink form on the paper; my starting point was an abstract photograph I took. The result isn’t working too well as it would have been better if the wax hadn’t been on the paper where the water shape is at the bottom of the image.


(© Catherine Cronin)

Weekly Sketch – ‘Conzuela’ cactus – 19/05/2013

I thought The Don was looking a bit lonely; so I acquired him some company yesterday, let me introduce you to Conzuela. She is tiny, only 1 inch high, and about to blossom a crown of red flowers. Here is a quick 3 min pen sketch of her; and then as a reminder The Don underneath.


Weekly Sketch – ‘The Don II’ cactus – 06/10/2012

(All work & images © Catherine Cronin)

Weekly Sketch – Cacti Garden – 11/05/2013

I have spent many happy hours at Kew Gardens and I especially love the cacti that can been seen in their glasshouses. Obviously being in the UK I don’t get to see large cacti growing naturally, so I am always impressed when I visit the cacti at Kew. I love their foreign, strange, bold, humourous and when in flower, colourful aspect. Here is an A3 black line drawing trying to reflect their shapes and how they are planted at Kew, so that you can easily see the specimens. I have used different weights of black pen and different mark making techniques for each different cacti species, so each species is portrayed in a unique way. It is easy to see the difference in the marks in the detail picture. I have then added colour, changing the mood of the garden in each version.

(© Catherine Cronin)

Orchid Screenprinted Monoprints

Recently I came across some old monoprints of orchids I made by using paper masks and painting direct onto a screen mesh; then pulling using a squeegee with either a clear gel medium or green paint. It is hard to tell from these images, but the last two orchids where you see a brown colour, that is in fact bronze paint, which from certain angles reflects light. All told rather a good effect I think, I must give it another go.

Orchid Screenprint Monoprint

Orchid Screenprint Monoprint

Orchid Screenprint Monoprint

(© Catherine Cronin)

Weekly Sketch – Colourful Orchids – 10/02/2013

I haven’t been too well recently, confined to bed pretty much and unable to do anything really. But boredom pushed me to try and cheer myself up by drawing in colourful felt-tip pens, and as always a bit of black ink painted in too. More orchids, still thinking of brighter days for Spring.


I then thought I’d see how the above drawing would change with a little photoshop fill; what do you think, better with or better without?


(© Catherine Cronin)