Cardoon Seedheads – Colour & Form Exploration Part 2

I’m working my way towards a linocut print of Cardoon Seedheads. Early drawings blogged here and my first exploration of colour and form in this subject blogged here. I finalised the seedhead forms but wanted to explore the background a bit more. I created different backgounds using gouache paint and then arranged roughly made cut-out seedhead forms on top of each one to see which I preferred. Using cut-outs was a great way to avoid repeatedly drawing and painting the same seedheads for each background. I’m leaning towards a mixture of backgrounds 2 and 3 as seen in the images below – I just need to paint it up. Putting it on the to-do list.

CardoonCollage1CCroninweb CardoonCollage2CCroninweb CardoonCollage3CCroninweb

(© Catherine Cronin)

Cardoon Seedheads – Colour & Form Exploration

Based on my drawings of cardoon seedheads blogged here; I have been exploring colour and form with the intention of taking this subject into a linocut print. I really enjoyed making these explorations in gouache and oil pastel. Each image has provided a texture or shape or colour combo that I like.















(© Catherine Cronin)

Proof Print of ‘Marigold’ Linocut

I finally have proof printed a multi-block linocut of my ‘Marigold’ design. You can read about the early design process in this earlier blog ‘weekly-sketch-marigold-04112014’. I need to work on the registration a bit, but I am pleased with the result. I also used water-based inks for the first time; Caligo Safewash Relief and Schmincke Aqua Linoldruck ink, I am pleased with their performance and definitely will be using them again. Also heartening to be using inks that are kinder to the environment, as well as being less expensive than oil based inks. Please click on the following links to see the pdf product guides from the manufacturers: Caligo-ReliefFlyer_aqua_LINOLDRUCK

Below are images of the three blocks and the final proof printed – (photographed hanging whilst drying so they look a bit skewed – the black frame is a rectangle in reality):






(© Catherine Cronin)


Weekly Sketch – Dandelions & Starlings – 15/02/2015

I have been playing with colour and composition for a new linocut idea, Dandelions & Starlings.

Still more work to be done here.






(© Catherine Cronin)

Weekly Sketch – Balcony Poppies – 02/10/2013

I grew poppies on my balcony earlier this year, I just love the seed head rattles. I have been sketching in preparation for a linocut; the below drawing explores what colours I might use, probably in a multi-plate print. Drawing in graphite pencil, watercolour pencil and black ink.


(© Catherine Cronin)

Weekly Sketch – Black Hills – 23/06/2013

I haven’t done a weekly sketch in a while; I was busy concentrating on preparation for a photo-etch course I did, which you can read about here.

Here is a minimalist landscape image; wax and ink on Fabriano paper. I was responding to the interaction between the wax and black ink form on the paper; my starting point was an abstract photograph I took. The result isn’t working too well as it would have been better if the wax hadn’t been on the paper where the water shape is at the bottom of the image.


(© Catherine Cronin)