Weekly Sketch – Moon over Island – 28/06/2013

Another minimalist image; seascape in ink, collaged gold monoprint on Fabriano paper, and Photoshop grey fill for moon.


(© Catherine Cronin)


Weekly Sketch – Black Hills – 23/06/2013

I haven’t done a weekly sketch in a while; I was busy concentrating on preparation for a photo-etch course I did, which you can read about here.

Here is a minimalist landscape image; wax and ink on Fabriano paper. I was responding to the interaction between the wax and black ink form on the paper; my starting point was an abstract photograph I took. The result isn’t working too well as it would have been better if the wax hadn’t been on the paper where the water shape is at the bottom of the image.


(© Catherine Cronin)

Weekly Sketch – Cacti Garden – 11/05/2013

I have spent many happy hours at Kew Gardens and I especially love the cacti that can been seen in their glasshouses. Obviously being in the UK I don’t get to see large cacti growing naturally, so I am always impressed when I visit the cacti at Kew. I love their foreign, strange, bold, humourous and when in flower, colourful aspect. Here is an A3 black line drawing trying to reflect their shapes and how they are planted at Kew, so that you can easily see the specimens. I have used different weights of black pen and different mark making techniques for each different cacti species, so each species is portrayed in a unique way. It is easy to see the difference in the marks in the detail picture. I have then added colour, changing the mood of the garden in each version.

(© Catherine Cronin)

Hand Colouring Linocut Prints

Hello, I have been hand colouring my pomegranate ‘Alhambra IV’ and ‘Peru Flying Bird’ linocut prints. Here are some pictures of them hanging to dry. In case you’re wondering I hang them via magnets on my metal shelves; a great space-saving idea for anyone with little room to work in.

Why hand colour prints? Why not print all the colours? My answer is that I always use any technique to get the desired result. I like the way that drawing ink sinks into the paper whereas the oil based printing ink sits slightly on the paper. The oil based printing ink is printed densely whereas the drawing ink has some translucency, I like the visual contrast. Unfortunately you cannot see this subtlety of surface in these photograph. Also I like the way that each print is even more slightly different, as well as the print impression being varied – the way the colouring is applied differs slightly too.

(All images and works under copyright © Catherine Cronin)

Peru Flying Bird linocut – printing the lino

Yesterday I was printing my ‘Peru Flying Bird’ linocut which is an accompanying print to my ‘Peru Big Cat’; both inspired by the designs and symbols on a Peruvian textile that I bought in the USA years ago.

As you can see I have used a multiple colour roll method for inking up, where you roll more than one colour onto the roller. In this case an orange stripe in the middle with blue either side. I have encountered some difficulty with this method, where the blue ink soon bleeds into the orange ink too much, resulting in the pure orange stripe becoming narrower the more times you apply the ink to your lino. The only satisfactory way I have solved this is by starting afresh with new ink after 10 prints, so not the most efficient method. Perhaps other printmakers out there have some advice on this issue?

I am pleased with the resulting prints; but will probably hand ink half the edition of this print as I have already done with ‘Peru Big Cat’. I like the way that drawing ink sinks into the paper whereas the oil based printing ink sits slightly on the paper, I like the visual contrast.

(All images and works under copyright © Catherine Cronin)

Print Day In May event

I have just participated in my first ever Print Day In May; a great global event that brings together printmakers worldwide to print on the first saturday in May.



Even though I was printing home alone, it was lovely to think that I was part of this worldwide event and in fact was keeping very good company. I have just finished printing my linocut ‘Peru Big Cat’ inspired by the designs and symbols on a Peruvian textile that I bought in the USA years ago.

(All images and works under copyright © Catherine Cronin)