Weekly Sketch – Alhambra Palace Grounds – 16/04/2017

A pencil sketch of the Alhambra Palace grounds from a couple of weeks ago before I went on holiday.

Alhambra Palace Grounds (© Catherine Cronin)

(© Catherine Cronin)



Weekly Sketch – Cardoon Seedheads – 16/04/2016


Cardoon seedheads are wonderful to draw, globe shaped with tough outer spines and fluffy filaments.








(© Catherine Cronin)

Weekly Sketch – Succulent – 20/03/2016


I should’ve posted these pencil drawings up last Sunday, better late than never. I like the patterned background in the second sketch even though it takes the focus from the patterned leaves. I’d like to turn this into a linocut print, I can think of a few ways to keep the patterned background from dominating the succulent.

SucculentGraphiteDrawing2web SucculentGraphiteDrawingweb




(© Catherine Cronin)

Letter G Linocut Design

I have joined a linocut group on facebook, where members can sign up to print a linocut letter for different themed alphabets. I have chosen the letter ‘G’ for a freestyle alphabet, image size 15×15 cm. The deadline for the final image is the end of January. Here is an insight into how I came up with my final design: as a starting point I already had the idea that it would be be a graphic image made up of coloured triangles where the letter would be part of the background pattern but at the same time different enough to ‘read’ as a letter; I also limited myself to 3 colours as I don’t have much time to execute the print before the deadline. It is interesting to see that the second design settled the form and colour of the letter, but it took another three designs to settle on the background and a realisation that for clarity the letter had to be very different to the patterned background. The letter only shares the triangle form with the background. I really like this image and I might carry on with a whole alphabet in this style.

First Design

First Design


Second Design

Second Design


Third Design

Third Design


Fourt Design

Fourth Design




(© Catherine Cronin)

Cutting the Lino – Alhambra Arches 3rd Block Linocut

I have started to cut the third block for my linocut ‘Alhambra Arches’. You can read about the process so far here:

Starting a new Linocut – Alhambra Arches, First Proof – Alhambra Arches  and Second Proof – Alhambra Arches

This block will be printed second in the sequence.

Firstly I traced the areas I wanted to print from the line drawing proof print. I then went over the drawing again in pencil on the back of the tracing paper so that I would have graphite pencil to transfer onto my third block. Turning the drawing the right way up again and sticking it to my block with masking tape; I retraced the design, pressing hard and so transferring the graphite pencil to the surface of my block. Now I am in the process of cutting the design.

(Note: I made a classic printmaker’s mistake – I should have cut the image the other way round so that it printed correctly. I only realised my error once I proofed the print and realised it was wrong! See post https://catamongthepigeonspress.wordpress.com/2015/01/29/classic-printmakers-mistake-alhambra-arches/)





(© Catherine Cronin)

Weekly Sketch – Procida – 12/03/2014

Sketching Procida, island off the coast of Naples that I visited in 2012.

Graphite pencil, watercolour pencil, oil pastel and ink, on a sand coloured drawing paper.



(© Catherine Cronin)

Weekly Sketch – Alhambra Arches 2 – 11/01/2014

Here is my second exploration in drawing for a print idea; the image of the Alhambra Palace in Granada. First drawing published here – Alhambra Arches.

This image is: black pen, collaged paper, watercolour crayons and painted black ink to define the border.



(© Catherine Cronin)