Ugly? The ArcelorMittal Orbit

I always thought that The ArcelorMittal Orbit looked ugly, at least in photographs. I reserved final judgement until I saw it for myself; and I found it to be seemingly small and uninspiring, and still to me quite ugly. What do you think of it?



(Photos © Catherine Cronin)


4 thoughts on “Ugly? The ArcelorMittal Orbit

  1. I think…interesting. Not ugly, but not pretty either. I like how the metal wraps itself up around the structure, like a tentacle. Not sure I’d want to live near it, though 🙂

    • Well it is good to hear that some people find it interesting! I like the tentacle image. Normally I too quite like architecture that has its bowels exposed like the Lloyds Building, but this one just isn’t hitting the spot for me.

  2. I worked near it last year and saw it often on the bus as I went past. I found it an oddly dreary looking thing in real life, it already looks tired, like it was out up in the ’60s. A real missed opportunity for me, all that money could have gone on something fabulous 🙂

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