Who are you? – Grayson Perry exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery

I really enjoyed the Grayson Perry ‘Who are you?’ exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. His work as always is visually bold and colourful, perfectly executed, intimate and personal, and adds a strong voice to the conversations on broader social issues. The work was placed within the permanent collection; a little like a treasure hunt to locate them which was fun, but also placed amongst work that joined in the converstaion on the topics the works raised. The exhibition is free and on until the 15 March 2015 – here is the gallery link http://www.npg.org.uk/whatson/graysonperry/display.php

Here are a few photos of my favourite pieces in the display.


The Ashford Hijab screenprint on fabric by Grayson Perry



Melanie, Georgina and Sarah by Grayson Perry

Jesus Army MoneyBox

Jesus Army Money Box by Grayson Perry


Border detail from tapestry The Line of Departure by Grayson Perry


Works copyright of Grayson Perry.

Pottery Cafe II

A few weekends ago I was happily painting pottery in Wonderland Ceramics with friends, including Atomic Mess and Ruth and Brendan from i am acrylic. The underglaze paint we used to paint was thick and a bit sticky, so I found it hard to paint thin lines. So though I am happy with the finished glazed pitcher; I think it could be better if I had more practice handling the underglaze paint.


(© Catherine Cronin)

Pottery Cafe

Earlier today I was happily painting pottery in Wonderland Ceramics with friends, including Atomic Mess and Ruth and Brendan from i am acrylic. As you can imagine there was a lot of creativity running riot, whether or not it was successful we will have to wait and see, we pick up our ceramics next week after firing, so more pictures then.

I had already tried out a few floral motifs beforehand which you can see here; and here are some pictures of the pitcher I painted. The underglaze paint is thick and a bit sticky, so I found it hard to paint thin lines. The colours after firing will be a bright red, cobalt blue, dark green and black. It is so hard to wait!




(© Catherine Cronin)

Crafty Fox Easter Market March 2013

Today I am snug in bed; but yesterday I braved the snow fall to visit the Crafty Fox Easter Market with my friend Ruth from i am acrylic.  Crafty Fox Market specialises in handmade, craft and vintage; and thankfully it was taking place indoors at The Dogstar pub/venue in Brixton. By the way this time last year in was 25 °C here in London.

Crafty Fox Easter 2013 Poster jpeg

It was a lovely market; stall holders handpicked by Crazy Fox making for a great selection of items, and I saw quite a few Etsy sellers that I am familiar with too. So now to give a shout out to a few of my favourites:

Jimbobart  – fantastic hand drawn characters on ceramics; I especially like ‘Super Badger’ painted across 4 espresso mugs.

Jonna X Kangan – fantastic screenprinted textile – love the neon geometric printed cushions.

i wish i was a – wonderful handmade costumes for dressing up, the feather headresses and super hero masks were brilliant.

Pygmy Cloud – beautifully made felt stitched animals and weather. My friend bought a little penguin with a printed face – super cute.

Alice Shields – illustrations and ceramic design, particularly drawn to her ‘downstairs loo’ sign.

Anna Wiscombe – painted wood products; the subtle colours perfectly painted wooden bird brooches were my favourites on this stall.

Lucie Ellen – novel jewellery designs, a fine example – Tito the Owl Brooch

I bought these wonderful screenprinted cards by karoline made this.


And lastly check out this wonderful shell themed light in the girls loos; love it!



V&A Ceramic Galleries – A fantastic collection to visit time and time again

One of my favourite collections to revist is the V&A Ceramics Galleries; the sheer size and wealth of the collection means that you can never get jaded revisiting, you will always be constantly suprised, and inspired by the items on display. Not just a place for ceramic lovers; but anyone interested in drawing, illustration, print, colour, form, composition, history, sculpture…. cannot fail to find something of interest here.



I do have a particular love of animals depicted on ceramics; apart from loving animal imagery, I suppose when it comes to kitchen/dining utensils I like the link between the meat, fowl or fish that one may eat from such ceramics that depict the animal itself. Actually quite a gory thing to like when you think about it. As always humans can live with such contradictions; we prefer to enjoy animal imagery of beautiful and alive creatures, whilst equally happy to consume them! 

V&A Dish by De Morgan, William Frend


V&A Figure Horse


V&A Tile featuring a Pig


V&A Ewer featuring a Cow


2 Contrasting Pots – Ceramics

Another two pots completed on my theme of the Lea Valley. The green pot embodies nature at work in the valley, the lush greens that spring up everywhere and the presence of cool water. The black pot represents the handiwork of man in the valley, concrete pillars  stand tall supporting a railway, unchanging apart from the graffiti they attract. These two pots in contrast, telling a story of my walks by the river.

(All images and works under copyright © Catherine Cronin)

Musings on ceramic hearts, I see Alhambra and pigs

I really hoped that I would have got further along with my artist book ‘I see Alhambra’ but due to working on other projects and life just running away with me, I am still cutting lino plates.  I am aiming for ten images; when I have them I can post about book structures. Till then here are a couple of fun things I have been up to.

I am coming to the end of my ceramics class, and so here are the new ceramic hearts for this year that I will turn into brooches. They just need a sterling silver brooch pin attached and then they will be for sale in my Folksy shop. I love the richness of the glaze colours.

As usual I have been enjoying my walks in and around London, they inspire me to create. Another place I love to visit is Hackney City Farm; the animals are always a pleasure to watch, I am particularly fond of the pigs, they are either full of antics or asleep when I see them. A good place to teach city children about where food comes from and how you get more animals; though it would be hard to explain away what exactly that male duck was doing to that chicken last time I paid a visit!

(All images and works under copyright © Catherine Cronin)