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Artist’s Book Yearbook 2016-2017

Pleased to have received my copy of the ‘Artist’s Book Yearbook 2016-2017’ published by Impact Press (University of the West of England); and also very pleased that my Moth book features on page 196.

I’m looking forward to settling down with a cup of tea and immersing myself in the world of book arts; I’m looking forward to finding out about new artist’s books and makers.

To quote Impact Press “The ABYB is a biennial reference publication focusing on international activity in the field of book arts. It serves as a resource for librarians, artists, academics, students, collectors, dealers, publishers and researchers, in fact anyone interested in artists’ books!”

You can purchase a copy here for £15

Artist's Book Yearbook 2016-2017

Artists’ books on coast/nature exhibition – ‘Pages in Siglufjörður’ exhibition, Iceland

I was pleased to learn this week that one of my artists’ books will be appearing in an exhibition of artists’ books in Iceland for 3 days in March. Information as follows:

Síður í Siglufjörður / Pages in Siglufjörður

Contemporary artists’ books on the coastal environment

Herhúsið, Norðurgata 7b, 580 Siglufjörður, Iceland

Exhibition open 14th, 21st and 28th March 2015, 11am – 4pm each day.
Pages in Siglufjörður is curated by Sarah Bodman ( and Nancy Campbell.
Also showing: Vantar | Missing books and prints by Nancy Campbell (
List of books on show, below:

A Blue Sea Palms…, Louise Best, 2008

A Pocket Poem, Catherine Cronin, 2003

About Stones, Egidija Ciricaite, 2014

Crag Head Stuart Mugridge, 2003

Discovering Shetland with Joyce, Imi Maufe, 2005

Finding Your Way To Dylan Thomas, Jeremy Dixon, 2010

I haven’t been there, but it’s on my list, Simon Kentgens, 2012

In Praise of Walking, Thomas A Clark, 2004

Meer, Frans Baake, 2002

Paddle Notes, Andi McGarry, 2002

Passing Front, Guy Begbie, 1998

Pebble Island, Jon McNaught. Nobrow Press 2010

Perches, Hans Waanders, 2001

Physical Boundaries of an Island, Imi Maufe, 2005

Sea of Clouds, David Kirby, 1998

Spate, Colin Sackett, 2009

Steinar, Kurt Johannessen 2002

Still II, Sophie Elson, 1998

The Late District, Mr Smith, 1999

The Ley of the Land: from Hollow Ground, Sara Lee, Rabley gallery, 2014

Three Ships, Michelle Ray, 2012

Torrent Walk, Paul Hipkiss, 2010

Unravelling the Ripple, Helen Douglas, pocketbooks, 2001

VTC/NTL Stuart Mugridge 2002


A Pocket Poem: Red Hot Poker Artists’ Book © Catherine Cronin

A Pocket Poem: Fairy Rings & Grass © Catherine Cronin

A Pocket Poem: Fairy Rings & Grass Artists’ Book © Catherine Cronin

Editioning – Moth


Still editioning my ‘Moth’ artists’ book; pages are curing, then to cut, fold and glue; then box making.

If you would like to purchase one and it isn’t stocked in my Etsy shop; please email me which one you would like and I can make it as a priority, email

You can read all about ‘Moth and see the finished books in this blog post.

(© Catherine Cronin)


New Artists’ Book – Moth


I have at finished making the first books of a new artists’ book I have been working on since 2012! It has been a labour of love. The book is called ‘Moth’, it is a shaped concertina that opens up at the folds at approximately a 45 degree angle. This means it opens up in a circular motion rather like apple peel. One ‘page’ consists of a moth folded in half and then it is attached to the next ‘moth page’ at the wingtip at a 45 degree angle. On one side of the concertina, the ‘inside’ pages consist of faint grey line drawings of various moths with a poem in black text overlaid on top. The ‘outside’ of the concertina features an image of a moth in full colour, repeating page by page.

The poem is about moths that are attracted by artificial lights, and their ultimately futile circling around and around these lights to no purpose. The shape of the concertina opening in a circle reflects this motion. The typeface I have used for the poem has scratchy and splotchy letters in different weights and sizes, the idea was if a moth could write what would the letters look like! The poem reads

Confused, lost in light

exhausted fluttering

suspends gold pinpoints

in beams glittering

a trail captured

chaotic wing beats

that change nothing

night after night

lost, confused in light

I chose to illustrate three moths; Kentish Glory, Cinnabar and White Prominent; two moths that I had recently spotted and after research one that I liked the look of, that complimented the other two.  I adapted the illustrations to the form of my book so they are not anatomically correct, rather they carry similar marks of these moth species.

I decided to box my ‘Moth’ books in my idea of a specimen box; reflecting moth specimen collections, moths easily lured by artificial lights to obtain them. The containing box is brown card, folded and glued with an acetate window, hand printed in black ink. The ‘Moth’ concertina is printed with six colour Epson inkjets onto Epson Matte Heavyweight Inkjet Paper; the concertina consists of 9 moth pages, 3 moths printed to one A4 page and then cut, folded and attached to the next set of three moths.

Approximate Dimensions ‘Moth’ – one open moth page   L = 15.5cm   H = 6.5cm

Approximate Dimensions Box   L = 16.3cm   W = 7.5cm   H = 4cm

I intend to make 10 sets of each moth species, an edition totalling 30. So far I have made 3 and two boxes, so a long way to go. You can buy the two finished boxed ‘Moths’ here online.

(Note on Sept 2014 – there are no ‘Moths’ in-stock right now; they are quite time-consuming to make, and so are produced slowly. I will be stocking them again; let me know which one you would like to purchase and I can make that up as a priority. Email

I would love to hear what you think of my ‘Moth’ concertinas.


(© Catherine Cronin)



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(© Catherine Cronin)