Sweet Posy Face

Pen and pencil drawing from my sketchbook. I love the sweet face of this ceramic pot, potter/y unknown. Posy of Alstroemeria.

 (© Catherine Cronin)


Cardoon Seedheads – Colour & Form Exploration Part 2

I’m working my way towards a linocut print of Cardoon Seedheads. Early drawings blogged here and my first exploration of colour and form in this subject blogged here. I finalised the seedhead forms but wanted to explore the background a bit more. I created different backgounds using gouache paint and then arranged roughly made cut-out seedhead forms on top of each one to see which I preferred. Using cut-outs was a great way to avoid repeatedly drawing and painting the same seedheads for each background. I’m leaning towards a mixture of backgrounds 2 and 3 as seen in the images below – I just need to paint it up. Putting it on the to-do list.

CardoonCollage1CCroninweb CardoonCollage2CCroninweb CardoonCollage3CCroninweb

(© Catherine Cronin)

Cardoon Seedheads – Colour & Form Exploration

Based on my drawings of cardoon seedheads blogged here; I have been exploring colour and form with the intention of taking this subject into a linocut print. I really enjoyed making these explorations in gouache and oil pastel. Each image has provided a texture or shape or colour combo that I like.















(© Catherine Cronin)

Weekly Sketch – Cardoon Seedheads – 16/04/2016


Cardoon seedheads are wonderful to draw, globe shaped with tough outer spines and fluffy filaments.








(© Catherine Cronin)

Weekly Sketch – Daffodils – 07/02/2016

It’s that time of year, daffodil time! I can’t resist these cheerful flowers, bright promises of spring bobbing their heads in the grey days of winter. Here are a couple of sketches interested in ‘line’ and limited to four colours. I like setting limits on how I draw as it forces you to try something new, to think creatively, and not ‘do what you usually do’. For sketch 2 I didn’t take my pen off the page when drawing the daffodil blooms, they are drawn in one continuous line.




My daffodils were bright yellow; in the above sketches I like the balance of the colours and line – adding yellow I think would have disrupted that balance. So I thought I’d play around in Photoshop and see if I could add yellow to the blooms and make it work. I did at first try adding yellow just to the blooms but it looked a bit rubbish, it flattened/contained the energy expressed by the line work. So I tried some gradient backgrounds which I think work great. I definitely want to take these images into print.




(© Catherine Cronin)

Weekly Sketch – Japanese Anenome – 06/16/2015

I am working on a new design for a linocut print of a japanese anenome flower. I love growing colourful flowers on my balcony; I am fascinated by the variety of form, function and colours; the change from bud to bloom to seedhead. I am working towards doing a series of flower prints. I am cutting the lino currently for the first design I did for ‘Marigold’, which has set the tone to start the series, bold and graphic. I might try a few more variations before settling on the final design for the japanese anenome, but I am liking the bottom right image the best.


(© Catherine Cronin)