Christmas Print Sale 2020

Where has the year gone? Seemingly slow, each day a groundhog day and also so fast – we are nearly at Christmas!

I’m having a sale in my Etsy shop, 20% OFF all original prints, and as always free shipping in the UK on unframed prints.

And if you are in the USA spend $35 and get free shipping too!

Here is a selection of some of my available prints. I hope you like them!

Cyclamen linocut editioned

This mini linocut celebrates cyclamen blossoms, bobbing over beautiful patterned leaves, brightening the gloom of the winter months.

Available in my Etsy and Folksy shops.

I’ve also been trying my hand at making marbled papers, lots of fun but I’ve got a long way to go before I have any mastery of it. I’m still trying to get paints to ‘float’! One of the better results can be seen in the background of this photo.

Linocut print in green and red of a flowering cyclamen placed on green marbled paper.

© Catherine Cronin

Drawing a day challenge – Apr 2020

April was a better month for me in terms of drawing. I have started to follow two accounts on social media that are supplying prompts for creativity. On Twitter @AshmoleanMuseum who are posting daily under the #IsolationCreations hash tag, posting wonderous objects from their collection. On Instagram @stillherestilllife who post a photo every Sunday of a still life as a prompt to get creative, they post inspiring works by artists to get you thinking and repost a selection of the responses by followers. I have ended up drawing things I never would have chosen myself, it has been great fun. Here is a selection of some of the drawings from April, I am posting every drawing I do for the drawing a day challenge on my Instagram @catpigeons.

(© Catherine Cronin)

Drawing a day challenge – Mar 2020

Well the world turned upside down, and the havoc and despair that the corona virus Covid-19 is causing globally really hit home in the UK in March, as our numbers of infections and deaths slowly followed the pattern of other countries. These days feel unreal, and I feel tearful and hollow. But I also feel grateful to have a loving family and close friends.

Creativity is a solace to me, something to get lost in. But I find it hard to concentrate on anything in these strange times. In March I completed a few drawings a day, and also worked on collage ideas for Quinces screen prints. I am posting every drawing I do for the drawing a day challenge on my Instagram @catpigeons. I hope that April will bring hope for the future; stay safe everyone.

(© Catherine Cronin)