Sweet Posy Face

Pen and pencil drawing from my sketchbook. I love the sweet face of this ceramic pot, potter/y unknown. Posy of Alstroemeria.

 (© Catherine Cronin)


Artist’s Funk – Cacti Drawing

That feeling when you know you want to make, but you don’t know where to start, and you don’t ‘feel’ strongly enough about anything to make a start, and anything you touch just ends up looking like crap, which makes you feel frustrated and that you are rubbish. Then you are in a ‘funk’ about making in case you just make more terrible art. That’s how it has been for a while, on and off.

Ways to get out of a funk are just to keep drawing, you will draw your way out eventually. Also getting back to basics and keeping things simple can be helpful. I set myself a small exercise, draw 4 different views of a cactus in simple lines. Keeping to 3 colours for each drawing, use block colour and line to fill in. Aim is to practice observation and drawing without getting hung-up about ‘doing’ and the output. Happily for me I actually produced something in the these drawings that I think is worth exploring further.

 (© Catherine Cronin)