Weekly Sketch – Japanese Anenome – 06/16/2015

I am working on a new design for a linocut print of a japanese anenome flower. I love growing colourful flowers on my balcony; I am fascinated by the variety of form, function and colours; the change from bud to bloom to seedhead. I am working towards doing a series of flower prints. I am cutting the lino currently for the first design I did for ‘Marigold’, which has set the tone to start the series, bold and graphic. I might try a few more variations before settling on the final design for the japanese anenome, but I am liking the bottom right image the best.


(© Catherine Cronin)



Weekly Sketch – Marigold – 04/11/2014

I am working on a new design for a linocut print of a marigold flower. I grow marigolds on my balcony yearly; I just love their golden orange colour. I want a bold graphic image to reflect the boldness of the flower. I have almost resolved the image, just a few more variations in mind and then to cut the lino and print it.



(© Catherine Cronin)