Weekly Sketch – Shells & Creating Pattern – 28/10/2012

In my Weekly Sketch posts I will share the good and bad scribbles that I undertake…

I love shells, not only are they beautiful, and each one unique, but they are a reminder of seaside jaunts and days long gone. Here is a sketch I made of two large shells using water-colour pencils and felt-tip brush pens. I’ve kept the drawing very simple as I wanted to attempt a repeat pattern. I am a fan of pattern design and in particular the work of Jacqueline Groag, but I have never attempted pattern design before.

I imported my sketch into Photoshop and colour corrected to my satisfaction, I then isolated all the shell shapes into separate layers so that I could play around with them in different layouts. I introduced a seaweed motif; block coloured shapes and a blue background. Here is the pattern tile.

I then copied and rotated the tile to create a repeat pattern; below is a pattern detail consisting of 4 of the above tiles. I am quite pleased with this for a first effort, more playing around I think with pattern in the future.

(All works & images © Catherine Cronin)