Japanese Anenome Linocut in Progress

I have been working on my Japanese Anenome Linocut, 3 colours down and 2 more to go. This is a reduction linocut, which means after I have printed a colour, I remove more material from the lino block to print the next colour.

The design has changed a bit as I’ve been cutting and printing the block in reaction to the colours I can produce with the inks I have.

I have been using strips of mountboard glued to a plastic sheet to register the lino block with the paper. The registration has been excellent, but the strips of mountboard have embossed their shape on the paper print. Once I have a final edition of prints I will window-mount them so that the unwanted embossed effect is hidden.

(© Catherine Cronin)



Peru Print Series – Linocut cut!

I have finished cutting the fourth linocut in my Peru Print Series; linocut prints inspired by designs and symbols on a Peruvian textile that I bought in the USA years ago. You can read about the three other prints I made here. This linocut will match in form the third linocut; Peru Standing Bird.

Peru Bug

(© Catherine Cronin)