Weekly Sketch – Garden at the Alcazaba of Málaga – 11/04/2015

I wanted to make an enlarged drawing of a photograph I took of a garden at the Alcazaba of Málaga. I wanted a simple outline of the garden forms to use as a guide so that I could easily try different materials and styles to make the image. So for the first time ever! I enlarged the photograph using the grid system; I traced the photograph and then placed it over a grid of 2×2 cm squares; I then drew a grid of 4×4 cm squares and carefully replicated the lines from the traced photograph. I traced the enlarged drawing so I could make multiple guides by going over my tracing and transferring the pencil to paper. I made my first sketch in watercolour, to get a feel for shape and colour. I want to go a bit more abstract next with this image. I did draw the image the opposite way round intentionally so as to loosen up my painting.





(© Catherine Cronin)