Gothenburg 2013

Last weekend was spent in Gothenburg with my good friend Dan; specifically to see another very talented friend on stage, Vee; who was brilliant in a Swedish version of Tony Kushner’s play ‘The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism With a Key to the Scriptures’ at Gothenburg City Theatre. Though I can’t understand a word of Swedish, I could still enjoy the spectacle armed with knowledge of the story and its themes; and the play was visually stimulating with an innovative revolving set, and of course marvelous acting which transcends language.

Anyway I must also mention that the light in Gothenburg is so pure, as clear as the sound of a bell. The city is so clean and the buildings are so well preserved that I had trouble believing that some were as old as they were. Here are some of my snappily taken photographs:

Gothenburg Cathedral © Catherine Cronin

Gothenburg Cathedral 1804-1827

Gothenburg View © Catherine Cronin

Kronhuset © Catherine Cronin

Kronhuset – Crown House Arsenal 1643-1655

The Viking in Gothenburg Harbour  © Catherine Cronin

The Viking is a four-masted steel barque, built in 1906.

Oscar Fredrik Church © Catherine Cronin

Oscar Fredrik Church 1890s

Oscar Fredrik Church Altar © Catherine Cronin

Oscar Fredrik Church Altar

Gothenburg Church © Catherine Cronin

(© Catherine Cronin)


Sanctuary Inside Outside – Artists’ Book

I have just been updating my ‘Artists’ Books’ tab on this website with details of a book I made a while ago called ‘Sanctuary Inside Outside’.

It is an artists’ book looking at the influence of church architecture on the emotional state of visitors who seek to occupy these spaces, the faithful and the non-believer alike.

The book itself is a star concertina design binding incorporating windows, when opened and viewed from above the book forms the shape of a 7 pointed star. The book utilises printing on paper and coloured acetate, and hand printed text. Please see ‘Artists’ Books’ tab bottom of page for more information and pictures.