Current printmaking exhibitions in London

There are a few interesting printmaking exhibitions currently on in London.

First up; ‘Etching:The Infernal Method’ curated by Norman Ackroyd and part of ‘Art Sales’ series at the Royal Academy of Arts. “This selection of works for sale by Royal Academicians and invited artists celebrates the diversity of contemporary etching practice.” It’s free and on until 19 February 2018.

Norman Ackroyd RA, Thirsk Hall, 2006. Edition of 90. Etching. 17.5 x 28 cm. (RA, exhibition Etching:The Infernal Method)

Next we have; ‘The business of prints’ at the British Museum, free and on until 28 January 2018. “This wide-ranging exhibition selects fine examples from the nation’s print collection to look at how prints were created, developed, bought and sold in the period 1400–1850.”

Abraham Bosse, The workshop of a printer (detail), etching, 1642. (The British Museum, The business of prints exhibition)

Next up is ‘Eclectic: The Julie and Robert Breckman Collections at the V&A’, free and on until 4 March 2018. “This display features some of the best prints and posters acquired for the V&A through The Julie and Robert Breckman Print Fund over a decade of collecting.”

Eclectic: The Julie and Robert Breckman Collections at the V&A (image not credited by the V&A).

Finally we have this exhibition to #SaveTheDate for and #NotToBeMissed as its only on for a short while. ‘One-off: The Masters, Monoprint’, 8 – 19 November  at the Bankside Gallery. “This is a compelling series of annual exhibitions focusing in turn on one of the many techniques practised by our members, … This year’s technique is monoprint and the show is being curated by Morgan Doyle RE, a highly skilled printmaker who frequently uses this technique.”

Morgan Doyle RE, As it is, monoprint (Bankside Gallery – One-off The Masters, Monoprint exhibition)



I visited the annual exhibition of work from the Society of Wood Engravers at Bankside Gallery this week – if you are interested in printmaking you have till tomorrow to see this exhibition.

Here are my favourite three prints from the exhibition in no particular order – it’s always the birds that get my attention time and time again. Click on the images to be taken to the artists’ websites.


Julian Witts, ‘Black Grouse’, Black & White Woodcut.



Peter Brown, ‘The Stalker’, Linocut



Rosamund Fowler, ‘Cherry Blossom’, Wood Engraving

Seeing Print Exhibitions and Sculpture on the Southbank 26/09/2015

Last weekend I went to see original prints on display at Bankside Gallery which was exhibiting work that was accepted for the National Original Print Competition  2015 (the exhibition has ended now). It was great to see such a varied collection of print techniques, styles and subject matter in one place. It was also a pleasure to see prints up close by printmakers I have found online through social networks; the nuances of texture, ink and paper surface get lost to some extent when digitised for web publication.

You can view and download for free the exhibition catalogue here:

Here are my top three prints from the exhibition.


‘Contradiction’, Linocut, Winner of the Hawthorn Printmaker Supplies Award by Ade Adesina


Last of the Winter Light, Linocut with Copper Leaf by Melvyn Evans


Leaftree, Carborundum and Handcolouring by Ursula Leech


Next door at the Tate Modern, on Level 4 in Artist Rooms they have hung a dynamic collection of George Baselitz prints from his ‘Gothic Maidens’ series and a huge linocut of his wife ‘Female Nude on a Kitchen Chair’. I was so glad I got to see this work, printing can be a laboured process, but these prints belie this with their spontaniety of line, and their vigor. These are fresh images that keep you looking.

[no title] 1995 Georg Baselitz born 1938 Purchased 1997

[no title] 1995 Georg Baselitz born 1938 Purchased 1997

[no title] 1995 Georg Baselitz born 1938 Purchased 1997

[no title] 1995 Georg Baselitz born 1938 Purchased 1997

[no title] 1995 Georg Baselitz born 1938 Purchased 1997

[no title] 1995 Georg Baselitz born 1938 Purchased 1997

Female Nude on a Kitchen Chair 1977-9 Georg Baselitz born 1938 Purchased 1984

Female Nude on a Kitchen Chair 1977-9 Georg Baselitz born 1938 Purchased 1984


Behind the Tate Modern, new sculptures had been placed around the three residential/commercial low rise buildings just off Sumner Street. The sculptures were human heads by the artist Emily Young, and they looked striking in situ.


Stillness Born Of HistoryII, 2012, EmilyYoung


Stillness Born Of History II, EmilyYoung, 2012


Large Blue Purbeck Head, 2012, EmilyYoung


Mont Amiata Warrior, 2012, EmilyYoung