Long-eared Owl Linocut

I’ve finally started to print my third English Owl linocut, the Long-eared Owl, again producing black and white prints and hand-coloured versions using watercolour.

I hope to have these listed in my online shops soon, watch this space as I will be offering a discount to celebrate having 3 out of 5 English Owl linocuts available.

 (© Catherine Cronin)


Munch, Rembrandt, Symbolist Printmaking Exhibitions Now at the British Museum

There are ‘heavy-weight’ printmakers currently on display at the British Museum; two large ticketed exhibitions – ‘Edvard Munch’ and ‘Manga’, and two free displays on ‘Rembrandt: thinking on paper’ and ‘Symbolist Prints’. I did the Munch and free displays  in one visit and I highly recommend them to anyone interested in drawing, printmaking and symbolist art. I have yet to see the ‘Manga‘ exhibition, I am pretty excited about it, it looks fantastic!

Edvard Munch – love and angst – till 21 July 2019 – British Museum

An opportunity to see a collection of Munch’s prints, that cannot be missed. His coloured pastels and paintings of ‘The Scream’ are so famous and familiar to me that it is hard to ‘see’ them in any meaningful way. But viewing his lithograph of ‘The Scream’ in the exhibition I was struck anew by the tension between the peaceful scene and the figure vibrating with horror and anxiety.

Edvard Munch, The Scream. Lithograph, 1895. CC BY 4 The Munch Museum.


Rembrandt thinking on paper – till 4 August 2019

For me Rembrandt is a master of line and tone in drawing/printmaking; in this exhibition of 65 prints and drawings, you get to see the work in progress, the printed image in different states (a real treat).


From The British Museum blog: Rembrandt’s depictions of women.

Symbolist Prints – till 18 July 2019

A small display that packs a punch. Wonderful to see some old favourites by Odilon Redon such as his smiling ‘Spider’ lithograph. My favourite print in this display is ‘Seaweed’, an aquatint by Olaf Lange.

Olaf Lange Seaweed aquatint crop

Olaf Lange (1875-1965), Tang (Seaweed), 1912, Aquatint. British Museum, Presented by AEC Simoni, 1958,0730.39.


I do hope some of you get the opportunity to visit the above exhibitions – Enjoy!


Artist’s Funk – Cacti Drawing

That feeling when you know you want to make, but you don’t know where to start, and you don’t ‘feel’ strongly enough about anything to make a start, and anything you touch just ends up looking like crap, which makes you feel frustrated and that you are rubbish. Then you are in a ‘funk’ about making in case you just make more terrible art. That’s how it has been for a while, on and off.

Ways to get out of a funk are just to keep drawing, you will draw your way out eventually. Also getting back to basics and keeping things simple can be helpful. I set myself a small exercise, draw 4 different views of a cactus in simple lines. Keeping to 3 colours for each drawing, use block colour and line to fill in. Aim is to practice observation and drawing without getting hung-up about ‘doing’ and the output. Happily for me I actually produced something in the these drawings that I think is worth exploring further.

 (© Catherine Cronin)

Free Shipping UK/European Union on Etsy

Now offering free shipping in the UK & European Union in my Etsy shop; selling handmade original prints like these:

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Opportunity: neo:artprize 2019 All Media

Deadline: 26th May 2019

Entry Fee: £15 for up to two submissions

Prizes: £3790 neo:residency 2020, £500 Vouchers Great Art Award, £200 Vouchers John Purcell Paper Award, £200 Vouchers Tiranti Sculpture Award, £100 Vouchers Screenstretch Award, £1000 neo:artprize, £200 Bolton Museum Gallery Award

Details: neo: in partnership with Bolton Council Art Gallery invite contemporary visual artists to submit works in any media for the forthcoming neo:artprize 2019. The exhibition is open to all artists over the age of 18 worldwide.

Submit Here

Image credit: neo:artists

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