Thoughts on Life Drawing 5: where to start?

Where to start? For me it is always the nipples. Starting at the solid centre of the torso and working my way out towards the hands and feet and head. I look at the shapes and lines the body forms and the negative spaces. Due to time restraints of the poses many of my drawings are missing hands, feet and the head; sometimes this seems not to matter in the drawing, and other times its a real shame. If everything is in place and the head is the only thing missing – it can sometimes feels like a negation of that person; not intended, but nevertheless the outcome.

Dana 2021 © Catherine Cronin

I feel more comfortable drawing women, the anatomy much more familiar, I occupy the same skin after all. I am also more interested in what it means to be a woman and the experience of how our bodies are looked at, praised and judged; what it feels like to be inside that experience. If a figure has a head and an expression, that is the way into that experience and character. I want to take my life drawing in this direction; but at the moment I am still in practice, practice mode. I find the head in a drawing session the most difficult part to draw, and to capture a face or expression even harder.

Emily 2021 © Catherine Cronin

© Catherine Cronin

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