Apple Pop Prints

I’ve been proofing linocut prints of apples. Initially conceived as a print exploring positive and negative space; I found it hard to resist adding colour. In this case I’ve added colour using the method of chinecollé; which means collaging coloured paper onto the white paper surface and then printing on top of that coloured paper.

To get the registration right you glue the coloured paper at the same time as you print. So once your linocut block is inked, you place your cut out coloured paper forms on the inked linocut block with the glue side facing outwards, then you lay your white printing paper on top and press as normal. 

For the below images I added the coloured forms for the apples and their attached leaves at the time of printing. Afterwards I collaged the other two floating leaf forms. I intend to edition these as I really like their retro mid-century modern feel. I’m calling them ‘Apple Pop’ because of the bright ‘popping’ colours of the collaged paper.


ApplePopPair1CCroninweb ApplePopPair2CCroninweb ApplePopPair3CCroninweb ApplePopPair4CCroninweb

(© Catherine Cronin)



7 thoughts on “Apple Pop Prints

    • Thanks very much! I’m definitely going to experiment more with different papers now that I’ve got back into using chine-colle. I’ve only used thin Japanese papers or tissue paper so I’m eager to try other heavier papers now.

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