Letter G Linocut Design – Second Colour Printed

I have joined a linocut group on facebook, where members can sign up to print a linocut letter for different themed alphabets. I have chosen the letter ‘G’ for a freestyle alphabet, image size 15×15 cm. You can read more about how I came up with my design here. And about printing the first colour here.

Letter G linocut first colour printed © Catherine Cronin

Letter G linocut first colour printed

I am doing a reduction linocut of three colours; below is an image of the ‘soft-cut’ block cut for the second colour to be printed. Only the letter ‘G’ will be printed; I left some ‘triangular’ shapes near the edge to give a bit of stability to the block.


I am using Caligo waterbased inks; the first colour I mixed was taupe (yellowish light grey), this second colour is straight from the tube, Naphthol red.



I was worried that my registration method for printing the block in the same position in relation to the paper would not be accurate enough. There has been some slight movement on some of the prints but it is pretty spot on. Image below shows the block inked in register on an acetate sheet, the printing paper is lined up with the black horizontal and vertical lines towards the bottom and right. I have used cut paper to mask off areas of the block that have picked up ink in the lower level which I don’t want to print.



Here are the prints drying, so far so good; I have one final colour to print which is black, hopefully the registration will be okay for the last colour too – fingers crossed!


(© Catherine Cronin)



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