Weekly Sketch – Daffodils – 07/02/2016

It’s that time of year, daffodil time! I can’t resist these cheerful flowers, bright promises of spring bobbing their heads in the grey days of winter. Here are a couple of sketches interested in ‘line’ and limited to four colours. I like setting limits on how I draw as it forces you to try something new, to think creatively, and not ‘do what you usually do’. For sketch 2 I didn’t take my pen off the page when drawing the daffodil blooms, they are drawn in one continuous line.




My daffodils were bright yellow; in the above sketches I like the balance of the colours and line – adding yellow I think would have disrupted that balance. So I thought I’d play around in Photoshop and see if I could add yellow to the blooms and make it work. I did at first try adding yellow just to the blooms but it looked a bit rubbish, it flattened/contained the energy expressed by the line work. So I tried some gradient backgrounds which I think work great. I definitely want to take these images into print.




(© Catherine Cronin)


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