Elizabeth Forrest

Wonderful print from Elizabeth Forrest!

Varied Editions

The Reflective Unconscious OS Elizabeth Forrest, The Reflective Unconscious, 2015, mokuhanga and photo screen on Japanese mulberry paper, image/paper size 19″ x 16 ¾”

My current work is based on photographs and drawings made during trips to Newfoundland and to Western Japan. Though very different, Newfoundland and Japan are island-bound societies where the geography impacts powerfully to shape their unique cultures and values. My work contains landscape elements affected by intrusive memories and observations suggesting the process of personalization of places deeply experienced. —Elizabeth Forrest

A graduate of Glendon College, (B.A.) and the Ontario College of Art, Forrest then studied Japanese woodblock at Kyoto Seika University, Kyoto Japan. The Japanese term, mokuhanga (lit. “wood print”) is a contemporary term describing a traditional waterbased relief print medium requiring the carving of an image in a fine-grained wood, followed by multiple colour printing entirely by hand, using thick horse hair brushes to apply pigment and a…

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