Weekly Sketch – Decorative Elephants – 23/01/2016

I’ve had three little wooden painted decorative elephants since I was a child; I have no idea where they came from or how they came to me. And no one in my family remembers either. Anyway I am very fond of them, I used to make up stories as a child that they were a family and went on adventures and travels together. The blue one is slightly bigger and so is the Dad; the red one is the Mum – her eye used to made me think of make-up,long eyelashes and eyeliner; and so the orange one is the baby. They still stand in that order on my shelf after all these years and I wouldn’t like to change it.

Elephant1web Elephant2web Elephant3web



(© Catherine Cronin)


2 thoughts on “Weekly Sketch – Decorative Elephants – 23/01/2016

  1. Love these bright sketches and I love the story that goes with them, that nobody can remember where they came from or how they came to you, it makes them even more cute somehow 😊

    • Thanks Phil! It’s interesting that only when I was sitting drawing them that I started to think about their story. It was nice to reminisce; my sisters and I were great collectors of ‘little animals’ ornaments from those collectable tiny wade animals, to blown bubble glass creatures and china figures. I wish I still had them but they went to charity in my teenager years. These elephants somehow survived the cull.

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