Weekly Sketch – Succulent Splash – 08/11/15

If there is one thing you take away from this post, it must be, do not water your indoor succulents as in my drawing. Always sit them in some water for a soak and then remove.

I painted this succulent with watercolour paint. I thought I might give the background some blue crosshatching to bring some more liveliness to the drawing; but after the first strokes of blue I found myself drawing a ‘David Hockney-ish’ splash of water, which I rather like. It’s funny how you find yourself doing something completely different when you intended something else. Apparently some scientific studies on the human brain have revealed that neurons ‘fire’ revealing decision/thought some milliseconds before we are cognitively aware of our own decisions/thoughts.




(© Catherine Cronin)


3 thoughts on “Weekly Sketch – Succulent Splash – 08/11/15

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