Proofing Alhambra Arches – Multi-block Linocut

I have been proofing my three block linocut ‘Alhambra Arches’. Here are some progress pictures; I did proof print wet on wet ink for the last block, which doesn’t get the best results, but for proofing it is fine – I couldn’t wait! I intend to do some more colour combinations as I’d like to print a varied colour edition of 30 prints. I think I will do three sets of 10 prints of a certain colour combination. I am still thinking on whether to make some adjustments to the last block.

I would love to hear your thoughts on these.







(© Catherine Cronin)


12 thoughts on “Proofing Alhambra Arches – Multi-block Linocut

  1. I do love the structural design 🙂 I think experimenting with different colours is always a good idea, I personally prefer the blue and red, but I think the one with the yellow print is more striking (yellow is just not my colour). A dark green and orange variation, perhaps?
    (btw, love your blog 🙂

    • Thanks! Yes I think more colour experimentation is required here. I also am terrible for using colour straight from a tube rather than mixing my own. Though I am happy to say that two of the three colours in both prints above are mixed colours. I just checked out your website, some interesting and lovely artists’ books on there 🙂

  2. Love the bottom image : ) Really lovely depth and shadows! Please can you do a post showing all three blocks laid out next to each other? I can’t get my head around it !!! ; ))

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