Who are you? – Grayson Perry exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery

I really enjoyed the Grayson Perry ‘Who are you?’ exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. His work as always is visually bold and colourful, perfectly executed, intimate and personal, and adds a strong voice to the conversations on broader social issues. The work was placed within the permanent collection; a little like a treasure hunt to locate them which was fun, but also placed amongst work that joined in the converstaion on the topics the works raised. The exhibition is free and on until the 15 March 2015 – here is the gallery link http://www.npg.org.uk/whatson/graysonperry/display.php

Here are a few photos of my favourite pieces in the display.


The Ashford Hijab screenprint on fabric by Grayson Perry



Melanie, Georgina and Sarah by Grayson Perry

Jesus Army MoneyBox

Jesus Army Money Box by Grayson Perry


Border detail from tapestry The Line of Departure by Grayson Perry


Works copyright of Grayson Perry.


4 thoughts on “Who are you? – Grayson Perry exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery

  1. I love Grayson Perry’s work. It’s the juxtaposition of the traditional with the contemporary, the humour and the profundity of his messages, that makes his work so startlingly original and compelling. I was utterly absorbed in the documentary he did a few years ago about his tapestries on the subject of life in contemporary Britain and wish I could have seen the tapestries for myself.

  2. Argh! I haven’t seen this yet and now reading your post makes me want to go, I love this work – I think you’ve pinpointed why I like it so much, it’s bold and colourful but intimate and personal too. The artist manages to bring his own life experience into the work very directly, it’s always a challenge but here’s a masterclass in how to do it. Great post, thanks!

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