Classic Printmaker’s Mistake – Alhambra Arches

Well I made a classic printmaker’s mistake; I cut my third lino block the wrong way around, which meant it printed incorrectly!

I am making a multi-block print using 3 lino blocks.

The black and white image is a proof print of the last block to be printed; it shows the tree towards the right and the longest arched doorway to the left.

The second image shows a proof print of the first block to be printed in lime green, which is correct. And then printed on top in grey ink is a proof of the block that I have just cut incorrectly; you can see the longest arched doorway is on the right now – it should be on the left.

What an idiot I am!


(© Catherine Cronin)




9 thoughts on “Classic Printmaker’s Mistake – Alhambra Arches

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      • One of the reasons I never did multiple plates, I cut out individual shapes out of zinc, etched them, and positioned them in different places and positioned against monoprint backgrounds ( colours added to a Perspex sheet, making each one a one off monoprint. Completely not the whole point of prints!!! Just couldn’t get my head round the backwards, upside down nature of it, best left for technicians to replicate your print runs!!

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