Cutting the Lino – Alhambra Arches 3rd Block Linocut

I have started to cut the third block for my linocut ‘Alhambra Arches’. You can read about the process so far here:

Starting a new Linocut – Alhambra Arches, First Proof – Alhambra Arches  and Second Proof – Alhambra Arches

This block will be printed second in the sequence.

Firstly I traced the areas I wanted to print from the line drawing proof print. I then went over the drawing again in pencil on the back of the tracing paper so that I would have graphite pencil to transfer onto my third block. Turning the drawing the right way up again and sticking it to my block with masking tape; I retraced the design, pressing hard and so transferring the graphite pencil to the surface of my block. Now I am in the process of cutting the design.

(Note: I made a classic printmaker’s mistake – I should have cut the image the other way round so that it printed correctly. I only realised my error once I proofed the print and realised it was wrong! See post





(© Catherine Cronin)


4 thoughts on “Cutting the Lino – Alhambra Arches 3rd Block Linocut

    • Thank you. I always find it interesting seeing others’ process too; you can do things in different ways to get to the same result. I know that some printmakers print the key block onto acetate and then print that on the next block to get an accurate guide to cutting. Others with access to an offset press also can transfer the key block image easily to another block.

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