Weekly Sketch – Cut-Outs after Matisse – 25/08/2014

I have always loved Matisse’s Cut-Outs; I have been lucky enough to see two exhibitions showcasing them including the larger cut-outs; once in Paris many years ago and more recently at the Tate Modern – Henri Matisse: Cut-Outs on till 7 Sept.

I admire Matisse’s Cut-Outs not only for their joyfulness, their lively colour, but also for their hidden complexity. The images are pared down and simple; but to achieve that, to achieve the rhythm within the image is a complicated enterprise.

I never have tried the Matisse cut-out method, as I am one of those who struggles to leave voids and space in their work. But after seeing the recent show I thought I would give it a go. It proved to be as difficult as I thought; but nothing ventured, nothing gained. After trying many different compositions with my cut-out coloured forms I did manage to settle on the one seen immediately below here. Perhaps leaving space in my work will be less scary from now on.





(© Catherine Cronin)



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