First Proof – Alhambra Arches – 25/07/2014

I am intending to do a multi-plate linocut for my Alhambra Arches design, that you can see here. I cut the last plate to print which is the line drawing. I transferred the image using tracing paper to the block.

I proofed the plate last weekend, and I am pleased with the image, I won’t need to do anymore cutting on this plate. I proofed the plate using water-based printing ink; I have to say I really don’t like how the ink handles compared with oil-based ink. I rolled the ink on evenly but in some areas it didn’t print, and in others it was gloopy, and in other areas you could see ridges of ink as the paper pulled away from the plate. Maybe it is a matter of practice? If any of you have any tips on water-based relief ink printing, do let me know.


(© Catherine Cronin)


One thought on “First Proof – Alhambra Arches – 25/07/2014

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