Birds Take Flight for Summer

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To begin the Summer, the Annex Galleries continues our blog with the theme of twenty-five selections from the gallery. Birds are a perfect fit for summer as we spend more and more time outdoors. We do not need to backpack in to Lake Solitude to enjoy ducks landing on water, as in Hans Kleiber ’s Flight of Ducks, as we can view them in local wetlands. Songbirds animate our backyards with their flight and voices, and hens and chicks are becoming a more common sight in suburban neighborhoods.

Not all birds are fragile and graceful and awe us with their stunning plumage as they do in Beverly Hackett ’s East Indian. Not all birds can fly but some can race as seen in Ellen Lanyon’s Ostricart. Not all birds remain wild as seen by the pet macaw and cockatoo in William S. Rice’s Forbidden Fruit.


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