ARTIST TEXTILES Picasso To Warhol Exhibition

I had an extremely enjoyable and inspiring visit to the ARTIST TEXTILES Picasso To Warhol Exhibition at the Fashion & Textile Museum this week. Many artists who I admire had textile print work on display such as Pablo Picasso, Ben Nicholson, Eduardo Paolozzi, Graham Sutherland, and John Piper. And I was introduced to many more fantastic artists that I had not know about such as Ruth Reeves, Ken Scott, Saul Steinberg and John Rombola. As well as showing the designs on cloth, they also showed the clothes that had been made out of that cloth at the time ie dresses, skirts, ties etc. All the textile designs were full of life, movement and exuberance; very much reflecting the talent and passion of the artist – you could see that the cloth bore Picasso’s mark. I highly recommend this exhibition to anyone in London. I have posted some of my favourite images I saw at the exhibition below, enjoy!

Ben Nicholson’s ‘Princess’, hand block-printed cotton, designed circa 1933

‘A Fish is a Fish is a Fish’, designed by the painter and designer Ken Scott and illustrated in Interiors magazine, September 1951. Shown here is a border printed version for dresses and skirts. It was also printed as a furnishing textile by W.B. Quaintence of New York and was marketed in the United Kingdom through Sanderson & Son Ltd.

‘Parade’, by Rombola for Patterson Fabrics, 1957, was also printed as a wallpaper by Piazza Prints.

Rayon headsquare designed by Marcel Vertes for Wesley Simpson Custom Fabrics Inc., circa 1944.


4 thoughts on “ARTIST TEXTILES Picasso To Warhol Exhibition

  1. How I wish I could see this exhibition for myself, but since I cannot, you have my thanks for posting these photos and for bringing the website to my attention. Fabulous!

  2. Thanks for this – will definitely go. LOVE the fishes! We have linen runner from Skansen in Stockholm with a very different fishes design but it reminds me of this 50’s design. Love the playfulness of many 50’s textiles.

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