Hannah Höch Collage/Photomontage Exhibition

I had the greatest pleasure in visiting the Hannah Höch exhibition at The Whitechapel Gallery; the exhibition was dedicated to her collage work. I have to admit that I had never heard of her before this exhibition; even though she was a pioneer of photomontage/collage and exploring women’s roles in society in her time. Hannah Höch was born in Germany in 1889, and lived her life through great social and political change, which she constantly questions in her work. Her work is intelligent, aesthetically beguiling and full of wry humour. I highly recommend this exhibition to anyone in London. I have posted some of my favourite images I saw at the exhibition below, enjoy!

Video – Introduction to Hannah Höch (3 of 72)

Hannah Höch, Ohne Titel, aus der Serie: aus einem ethnographischen Museum (Untitled, from the Series: From an Ethnographic Museum) 1929 Collage

Hannah Höch, Abduction (from the Ethnographic Museum series), 1925 Photomontage with collage elements, 8 3/8 x 8 11/16 inches (Staatliche Museen zu Berlin)

Hannah Höch, Sea Serpent, 1937 Photomontage, 8 3/4 x 10 inches (Institute für Auslandsbeziehungen, Stuttgart)


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