Mouse & Cheese Necklace – How we make it!

A fantastic interview with my friends at ‘i am acrylic’ giving an insight into their studio and their making process.


Here’s a little story about how our Mouse & Cheese range came about!

It’s from an interview originally published on the Made in Britain shop blog!


Product Story – Mouse & Cheese Necklace

Firstly can you introduce us to your work space, what are you surrounded by when you start a project?

Our studio/flat is full of stuff! We’re both hoarders (eg. Ruth has an extensive collection of 80’s drinks cans and Brendan has the Now albums nos. 1-16 on vinyl) – so there’s not a lot of wall or floor space that is blank.

It can also get a bit tricky working on new designs in the studio because Brendan loves being messy and unorganised! There never seems to be a clear surface available or any sketchbooks to hand so initial sketches are usually made on the back of envelopes retrieved from the recycling bin!

Not all projects…

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