Little Cactus Photo Etching

I took another printmaking course at City Lit taken over 3 weekends; the course aim was to support you in your own printmaking projects. As I had just completed one course on photo etching; I wanted to continue and create another print through photo etching. The first attempt at photo etching for me was successful; this second attempt was full of frustrations. I used the wrong type of transparency for image exposure to plate; an inkjet rather than a laser jet transparency; and when I finally got the plate exposed and etched, I had problems printing it. I’m still not sure what went wrong, but printmaking is all about trial and error and practice. So for my second photo etching I was only able to get a couple of good artist proofs rather than an edition as I would have liked. Here it is with chine-collé and hand inking for the background.

Little Cactus © Catherine Cronin

(© Catherine Cronin)


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