The art of influence Asian propaganda

Two of my favourite rooms at the British Museum are Room 90 and 91 – Prints and Drawings. With a changing programme of exhibitions showing; there is always something to delight and inform, and I have seen work that I do not know how or where I would have seen otherwise.

Yesterday I went to the British Museum and saw an exhibition ‘The art of influence Asian propaganda’, featuring posters, prints and drawings, and other items from 1900 to 1976.

You can read more about it here. But I though I’d share with you a couple of my favourite items from the exhibition.

Robespierre, Does the revolution justify the violence? Nam June Paik (백남준) 1989 Lithograph British Museum Museum no 2001,0315,0.2

The above print is also a comment on how new media – television, was being used as a propaganda tool at the time.

Manchukuo Kimono. Asia-Pacific War (1931–1945) British Museum

It is hard to see in the above image, but this Kimono is wearable propaganda, featuring images including tanks and political slogans.


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