Photography into Etching Day 3

I have finished a 3 day course on photo etching at City Lit taken over 3 weekends.

It was a fantastic course; a great group to work within and an excellent teacher Anne-Marie Foster.

On Day 1 we were introduced to the principles of photo etching; the three different techniques to get source material onto transparent acetate in readiness to expose to a prepared photopolymer plate. We produced a test plate and printed it to understand the process and how to get tones to print successfully. You can read about Day 1 here.

On Day 2 I prepared one of my own artworks in Photoshop for tonal photo etching; and printed test plates. You can read about Day 2 here.

Photo into Etching Day 3: The Final Prints


Alhambra Courtyard Final Plate

On Day 3 I wanted to try different ink colours, different paper, chine-collé, and maybe colour rolls. I didn’t have enough time to get to try all I wanted. Below are the various experiments and results. I intend to work further on some of the prints with inks; so more to come on that.


Alhambra Courtyard Red


Alhambra Courtyard Red; Yellow Chine-collé


Alhambra Courtyard Red; Orange Chine-collé


Alhambra Courtyard Red; Blue & Green Chine-collé


Alhambra Courtyard Blue


Alhambra Courtyard Blue; Orange Chine-collé


Alhambra Courtyard Blue; Orange Chine-collé

(© Catherine Cronin)


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