Mamma Andersson talks ‘Gooseberry’ – CultureCritic Interview

Interesting interview with Swedish painter Mamma Andersson

Below from Culture Critic – click on link to read full interview:

Interview with Mamma Andersson

Mamma Andersson talks ‘Gooseberry’…

CultureCritic | 13.May.2013 | 10:52
Mamma Andersson, Humdrum Day, 2013
© the artist. Courtesy the artist and Stephen Friedman Gallery,
London. Photos: Stephen White

”Mamma Andersson is among Sweden’s best-known painters. Her eerie figurative works are an object lesson in how painting can convincingly be about both surface and visual content. Before her arresting new exhibition Gooseberry at her London gallery Stephen Friedman closes on 25 May, we spoke to Andersson about finding inspiration in Marc Bolan, crime scenes and the importance of being fascinated and disgusted in equal measure…”

(Copyright of Culture Critic / Rachel Potts)


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