Weekly Sketch – Cacti Garden – 11/05/2013

I have spent many happy hours at Kew Gardens and I especially love the cacti that can been seen in their glasshouses. Obviously being in the UK I don’t get to see large cacti growing naturally, so I am always impressed when I visit the cacti at Kew. I love their foreign, strange, bold, humourous and when in flower, colourful aspect. Here is an A3 black line drawing trying to reflect their shapes and how they are planted at Kew, so that you can easily see the specimens. I have used different weights of black pen and different mark making techniques for each different cacti species, so each species is portrayed in a unique way. It is easy to see the difference in the marks in the detail picture. I have then added colour, changing the mood of the garden in each version.

(© Catherine Cronin)


2 thoughts on “Weekly Sketch – Cacti Garden – 11/05/2013

  1. Love the cacti drawings – I used to collect cacti as a kid so brought back memories, they’re fab things, growing in the desert and with such gorgeous flowers

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