Cloud Leopard Papercut Art – Nahoko Kojima

Browsing the internet today I came across this very beautiful and intricate papercut.
Below quoted from YouTube upload page:

“Published on 21 May 2012

Professional papercut artist, Nahoko Kojima of Solo Kojima, was selected by the Crafts Council as one of only ten international artists showing in the Project Space at Collect 2012 at the Saatchi gallery (11-14 May 2012). The astoundingly intricate Cloud Leopard Papercut sculpture unveiled at the event was made from one sheet of paper and cut by hand — a process which took 5 months.

Not only does this piece encourage recognition of a Japanese artform in the UK but it also also gives many people a chance to see a new form of paper sculpture for the first time. The implications this has to Papercut Art in Europe are significant as it challenges established views and presents a very new concept of treating it as sculpture. A truly spectacular example of Contemporary Japanese Paper-cut Art, which represents a new sculptural direction for Nahoko Kojima.”

It will be exhibited again in London on 2-23 May 2013, details here:


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