Gothenburg 2013

Last weekend was spent in Gothenburg with my good friend Dan; specifically to see another very talented friend on stage, Vee; who was brilliant in a Swedish version of Tony Kushner’s play ‘The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism With a Key to the Scriptures’ at Gothenburg City Theatre. Though I can’t understand a word of Swedish, I could still enjoy the spectacle armed with knowledge of the story and its themes; and the play was visually stimulating with an innovative revolving set, and of course marvelous acting which transcends language.

Anyway I must also mention that the light in Gothenburg is so pure, as clear as the sound of a bell. The city is so clean and the buildings are so well preserved that I had trouble believing that some were as old as they were. Here are some of my snappily taken photographs:

Gothenburg Cathedral © Catherine Cronin

Gothenburg Cathedral 1804-1827

Gothenburg View © Catherine Cronin

Kronhuset © Catherine Cronin

Kronhuset – Crown House Arsenal 1643-1655

The Viking in Gothenburg Harbour  © Catherine Cronin

The Viking is a four-masted steel barque, built in 1906.

Oscar Fredrik Church © Catherine Cronin

Oscar Fredrik Church 1890s

Oscar Fredrik Church Altar © Catherine Cronin

Oscar Fredrik Church Altar

Gothenburg Church © Catherine Cronin

(© Catherine Cronin)


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