93. The mosaics at Finsbury Park

150 great things about the Underground

Up, up and awayIn the March 2013 edition of Creative Review – an issue distinguished by some very notable contributors indeed – the artist Annabel Grey talks about the challenges she faced in realising her ambitious concept for the walls of the southbound Piccadilly line platform at Finsbury Park:

“It got very complicated and mathematical, as there’s an ellipse of a landscape running behind the balloons, and I realised that when you added the spaces between the trackside panels, the landscape would have been about 360 feet high!”

This side upMuch annotation of the tunnel wall ensued, which by the sound of it involved protractors, balls of string and those enormo-sized bits of chalk you now see only in possibly inaccurate recreations of Victorian classrooms.

Grey’s plan was to have the balloons ascend, drift then descend in sequence all the way along the platform – and it works, brilliantly. Starting at the far end, her…

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3 thoughts on “93. The mosaics at Finsbury Park

  1. I see these mosaics every Wednesday when I use this station to go climbing up at the Castle on Green Lanes, they’re lovely, always nice to see them , thanks for the post, I’ll look at them with fresh eyes this week!

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