Weekly Sketch – Colourful Orchids – 10/02/2013

I haven’t been too well recently, confined to bed pretty much and unable to do anything really. But boredom pushed me to try and cheer myself up by drawing in colourful felt-tip pens, and as always a bit of black ink painted in too. More orchids, still thinking of brighter days for Spring.


I then thought I’d see how the above drawing would change with a little photoshop fill; what do you think, better with or better without?


(© Catherine Cronin)


4 thoughts on “Weekly Sketch – Colourful Orchids – 10/02/2013

  1. I really enjoyed looking through your work. I think your prices are too low for the quality of the work if they are hand pulled prints. That means I’ll be having another look at the shop when I get my pocket money?

    • Hey Jason, thanks for your lovely comment. Yes prices are difficult; I am setting them at a similar level to other similar sellers in the online shops I feature in. In this case I do think the market determines the price. When I am famous and sought after then obviously I will sell only in 6 figures! 🙂 Just to say I really enjoyed your website too; beautiful poetry translations and your paintings really capture the texture and feeling of being in nature, lovely!

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