The Treasure Hunt: Part VI

Wonderful prints from The Annex Galleries – The Treasure Hunt:Part VI – I especially like all the sea creatures in ‘Jean-Emile Laboureur: Androméde, 1935; etching’.

Annex Galleries - On Fine Prints and Artists

Our list of 25 Works has continued to receive enthusiastic interest, both from our clients and from people who’ve come across this blog through other channels. Our goal had been to open up our extensive, diverse inventory to the public, as our website has nearly 5,000 prints and can feel somewhat daunting and so far it’s been a success! So we’re continuing the 25 Works as we head into 2013, in addition to posting about specific artists or discoveries that we have here at the Annex Galleries.

This post focuses on French printmakers of the 19th and 20th centuries. France had a tremendous hand in utilizing printmaking as an art form, from Daumier’s caricaturization of political and social figures to Buhot’s minutely detailed vignettes, and on to Arp’s abstract minimalist blockprints. Each artist listed below played a part in re-imagining the traditionally commercial mediums as  important and vital components of…

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