And Now For Something Completely Different – Making Christmas Clay Decorations – Stage 3

Every Christmas I do enjoy a bit of homemade making of Christmas Decorations; in recent years I have been making 3D, flat, and sewn paper decorations. This year I thought I’d try my hand at some ceramic hanging decorations. In the first stage I cut out the designs from clay; in the second stage I decorated the clay shapes with acrylic paint and strung them on different types of decorative string.

As I am giving the sets of decorations away as Christmas gifts I wanted to package them. I just made simple cardboard boxes with lids from green card that I had; I then decorated a couple of the box lids with coloured stickers ; another two with drawn  Christmas trees and another two I left plain. As I had some white tissue paper I cut it into squares with scissors that had serrated blades, I used the white paper as padding in the boxes. I tied the boxes up with decorative ribbons and name tags. I think they make cute little gift boxes to go under the tree or in a stocking.

(Photographs © Catherine Cronin)


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