Goya Prints On Display

This week I went to one of my favourite places in London, Room 90 Prints & Drawings, where presently being exhibited are some fine Goya prints, part of an exhibition ‘Renaissance to Goya: prints and drawings from Spain’. Prints on display included images from ‘The Disasters Of War’, ‘The Disparates’, and ‘La Tauromaquia’. I felt a real thrill viewing them in the flesh so to speak, such a different experience compared with looking at book reproductions or web images. Goya’s prints for me are powerful, full of charater and narrative; many seem fresh and modern in form and composition, they spoke to me directly.

Grande hazaña! Con muertos (An heroic feat! With dead men) / Los Desastres de la Guerra (The Disasters of War) series / etching by Francisco Goya 1810-1812 / Prints & Drawings British Museum

Quien se pondrá el cas – cabel al gato? (Who will bell the cat?) Disparate de bestia (Animal folly) / Los Proverbios series / etching by Francisco Goya 1816-1824 / Prints & Drawings British Museum

Desgracias acaecidas en el tendido de la plaza de Madrid, y muerte del alcalde de Torrejón (Dreadful events in the front rows of the ring in Madrid and death of the mayor of Torrejón) / La Tauromaquia series / etching by Fancisco Goya 1860 / Prints & Drawings British Museum


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