Holiday – Bay of Naples 2012

I recently travelled to the Bay of Naples, my first visit to Italy, and it was a trip full of ups and downs; thunderstorm soakings and majestic ruins; transport confusion and wonderful sea views; bad graffiti everywhere and picturesque fishing villages; half built constructions rotting away and sunny days; great food and bad food; lovely people and stray wandering dogs. A funny mix. There were signs of economic distress and long-term lack of investment everywhere. But I saw fantastic Roman ruins, sea views that fed the soul; and met lovely people . I will go back one day, as still so much to see and do. Perhaps I always try to do too much on a short holiday, we were there only 5 days, and we went to Pozzuoli, Pompeii, Procida and Ischia. So here are a few holiday snaps to share with you.

Pozzuoli – Third largest Roman Amphitheatre after Rome and Capua.

Procida – Pretty island in the Bay of Naples.

Pompeii – Roman ruins – typical stone paved street with pavement; food counter with intact fresco; public fountain head; villa bird floor mosaic; I think another fountain with pool – I couldn’t get closer; replacement statue in situ; architectural interior design intact in bath house.

(All photographs © Catherine Cronin)


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