Weekly Sketch – Sweetpeas – 11/08/12

In my Weekly Sketch posts I will share the good and bad scribbles that I undertake…

This is a drawing of sweetpeas on my balcony; I wanted to draw in colour and avoid my usual method of line drawing and scribbles in pen. I did a rough sketch in pencil;and I admit it I did use a tiny bit of pen to mark out where blossoms would be rather than the leaves, but I resisted anymore drawing in pen other than that. Then I built up the layers of colour and shape with washes of drawing ink, masking fluid and oil pastel.

Here are some close up shots so that you can see the different media used.

(© Catherine Cronin)


2 thoughts on “Weekly Sketch – Sweetpeas – 11/08/12

  1. I LOVE these. They are so vibrant and fresh. Gorgeous…you must do more! LOL. My sweetpeas are just blooming now, too! 🙂

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