Weekly Sketch – Woolly Monkey – 29/07/12

Recently I visited Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre; I had a wonderful visit and was so impressed by the monkeys’ enclosures, they were very thoughtfully designed, more than just fit-for-purpose and included overhead tunnels enabling some of the larger species to access a secondary habitat. The overall design of the whole Rescue Centre was very clever and sometimes had me feeling that I was in a human enclosure with the monkeys visiting me.

In my Weekly Sketch posts I will share the good and bad scribbles that I undertake; I am trying to get into the habitat of just drawing more, not necessarily drawing to get towards a print or book, just drawing for the enjoyment, to learn new ways of observing and mark making, to try new and less favoured materials out.

This is a Woolly Monkey in black pen; I admit my favourite media to sketch in. Woolly Monkeys come from South America, and this one was a lovely gray with a black face. They have the most wonderfully long tails that can support their whole body weight and act as a 5th limb, when not in use the tail stands proud with a lovely curling tip.

(© Catherine Cronin)


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